We specialize in complex systems that integrate optics, electronics, precision mechanics, and fluidics. Our engineers bring innovative and successful products to market, from inception to production, in the aerospace & defense, semiconductor equipment, and medical device industries. And we’ll work closely with you to understand the hard and soft requirements of your industry, market, and customers. Leverage this experience and expertise to exploit existing opportunities and develop new markets for your products and services.

Precision Machine Design

Traditional mechanical engineering is the domain of stress. Precision machine design is the domain of deflection. It is the discipline of designing a thing so it can hold a position, move to a position, or follow a position with a level of accuracy that is many orders of magnitude smaller than the size of the thing itself.

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Optomechanical Engineering

The optical elements do all the useful work in an optical system, bending light to their will.

The mechanics of an optical system cannot improve its optical performance, only degrade it. The mechanical elements exist only to satisfy the first-order requirements of positioning and holding the optical surfaces in space, in such a way that it does not distort the optical surfaces or vary the position within specified limits, in the face of environmental or operating loads such as thermal gradients and vibration. That is the discipline of optomechanical engineering.