"Contributing to Your Success by Doing What We Do Best"

Specialists in product development involving complex systems, optics, and precision mechanics


Imagitec is a product development company that can help you achieve aggressive performance and cost objectives, bring products to market faster, and capitalize on new market opportunities without increasing fixed costs. We will work with you to find creative solutions at every stage of your product’s life cycle, from inception to production and once its in your customers’ hands.


We specialize in complex systems that integrate optics, electronics, precision mechanics, and fluidics. Our engineers bring innovative and successful products to market, from inception to production, in the aerospace & defense, semiconductor equipment, and medical device industries. And we’ll work closely with you to understand the hard and soft requirements of your industry, market, and customers. Leverage this experience and expertise to exploit existing opportunities and develop new markets for your products and services.


Imagitec wrote the book – well, the chapter in the book – on communication and collaboration in Engineering Project Management for the Global High Technology Industry. Collaborative product development is a passion that we practice an preach. We invest in technologies that promote frequent and effective collaboration, from an impromptu review of analysis results by two engineers to a formal design review involving stakeholders on opposite coasts. A dedicated project web site serves as a project record, a design notebook, and a collaboration whiteboard.